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Folkestone provides high quality English language training, the primary aim of these courses is to enhance individuals’ English Language communication skills in the context of personal, academic, vocational and professional development programmes.

Emphasis is placed on the correct interpretation and application of the data and the development in the student of the ability to plan, write and present information.


Folkestone   education centres provide communication skills in English Language and adhere to a mission to help a great range of students from all ages (from 18) and interests. Learning online and distance learning Distance-Online learning University of Folkestone


The teaching staff are the key of their success which is committed with the enthusiasm to help you in achieving you goals and perform the best of your abilities in the race of professionalism.

The main object of the course is to develop in the student an ability to produce technical publications to satisfactory industry standards, working from the typical source data that would normally be available to a technical author.

Northern Ireland funds £170m cloud for schools
The five-year deal, which begins on 1 April, will see the services delivered to 1,200 schools across the country.


Students can begin these language courses, or think of work experience according to their needs with the consultation of the teaching staff, they will guide you after the test of your abilities required for the specific course.

Folkestone Colleges offer ESOL Language courses for English learners, Speakers etc


At the end of the course the successful student will receive the ESOL Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced of the College, which will enable them to work as a professional in the market through out the globe.