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Is it difficult to obtain a student visa to come and study in the UK?
No, providing you have bona fide credentials and sufficient funds to cover the cost of study and living expenses, you should not have difficulty in obtaining a student visa. Our representatives can provide all the help you need.

Can I change to another course once I arrive at the Colleges?
No, you will not be able to change your course once you arrive at the colleges.


Can I bring my spouse and/or children with me?
Yes, during your studies you can bring your spouse and/or children aged under 18 with you, as long as you can support and accommodate them without recourse to public funds.

Can my spouse/dependents work in the UK?
Your dependents can work only if you were given permission to stay in the United Kingdom for 12 months or more.

Am I allowed to work during the course of my studies?
If you are a student from outside of the European Economic Area, PHP Tutorials then you can work in the UK providing you meet the following conditions:

You work in your spare time while studying, however you can work full-time during college vacations.
You take a work placement with an employer (sandwich students)
You take an internship placement with an employer.
You cannot work if your visa or passport stamp says "no work" or "employment prohibited" or that "you must not engage in employment" (unless it contains the words "consent of the Secretary of state")

Working hours and types of work for a student outside the EEA
You cannot work for more than 20 hours a weeks during term time, except in the case of an agreed work placement or internship


You may not engage in business, self-employment or provide services as a professional sportsperson or entertainer
You cannot pursue a career by filling the position of a permanent full-time vacancy.
You can view further information on working in the UK
as a student by clicking here

Is class attendance a legal requirement?
Yes, the requirement is a minimum of 75% every term. The attendance is calculated every month and defaulters are issued warnings. If the warnings are not heeded and the student continues to default on attendance, they shall be expelled and the Home Office notified.


How should I go about applying for a visa once I have enrolled? What documents must I carry?
Visit the British Embassy/High Commission in person and take the following documents with you:
1              Letter of Enrolment from the College which states that tuition fees have been received by the College and a place reserved on the course.
2              Any other relevant documents sent by the College.
3              Your passport.
4              Documents showing the availability of funds in pounds sterling to cover the cost of living in the UK.
5              Original copies of relevant academic certificates already obtained.
6              Documentation to demonstrate that you have the intention to leave the UK after completion of studies.


What about exams?
Students will be tested for their skills internally after the completion of each module. In addition, all students can take Microsoft and Cisco exams on site.

At what stage should I pay the fees? Can I pay in instalments?
A £100 deposit is payable at the time of registration. The balance must be paid in full within 2 weeks from registration. We will only process the visa documents once the entire course fees have been received.

Will the course fees be refunded if my student visa application
is refused by the consulate?
Yes, the fees will be refunded in full minus a charge of £100 that will be retained towards the cost of registration and bank costs.


Will I have to show any proof of security, such as a bank statement, to the consulate or at the port of entry to prove that I can survive without depending on others during my stay in the UK? If so what proof is required?
For a course with a duration of 1 year the student has to show that:
1              He/she has enough money to pay the fees or evidence to show that he has already paid
2              Equivalent of a minimum £400 per month for living expenses over a 12 month period

Is the entire training instructor led?
Yes. We aim to achieve a high level of personal attention for each student and therefore maintain a low ratio of students to instructors.


Do the colleges provide accommodation?
College accommodation is available from £55 a week (including all bills). This accommodation is only provisionally reserved for a candidate and there is no guarantee that the room will be available when they arrive. The candidate will need to contact the college to confirm their booking at least 15 days in advance before they arrive in the UK. Places can be reserved once you have been approved a student visa, before you arrive in the UK.


How do I open a Bank Account in the UK?
When you start at the college, we will give you a general induction, and will provide you with a letter to present to one of the local banks, who will then let you open a bank account.